First Nations

We have long-standing relationships with many First Nations communities. Our manufacturing facility is located on First Nations land – as are many of the homes we have designed and built for Retire West – and a substantial part of our workforce is Aboriginal.

We invest considerable time at the start of each project to understand your needs and the needs of your community.

From residential homes to band offices, healthcare clinics to schools, Freeport prides itself on working with its First Nations partners to create high-quality, energy-efficient and attractive buildings.

We are truly grateful for the quality of service your organization provided and also the quality of products used to complete the additional building to our Primary School facilities at Stzíuminus First Nation. Your commitment and attention to customer service is to be commended.

Your experience working with First Nations organizations is evident and a strong quality that your organization possesses which enhanced our working relationship and was demonstrated in your excellent recommendations.

You can be sure that we will highly recommend your service and continue to do business with you Nigel, Dave and Freeport for years to come.

Charlotte Elliott M.Ed
Education Director
Stzíuminus First Nation