Freeport Industries

About Us

Freeport Industries designs and builds customized modular structures for residential, commercial and industrial clients in BC, Alberta and Yukon.

Since 1997, we have been the exclusive builders for Retire West Communities, Western Canada’s largest privately held developer of land-leased modular home communities. We have brought the commitment to customer service, attention to detail and customized solutions required for success in the residential market to commercial and industrial projects.

We offer complete turnkey solutions, from concept to installation. And we work with you throughout the process, with services that include site planning, community design, customized design and on-site assembly.

Our wide range of modular structures – from homes and administrative buildings to schools, workcamps, kitchen facilities and more – are energy-efficient, durable and precision-built to the highest standards.

Excellence in Manufacturing

We build structures that last. Our sales reps and designers work closely with you to create customized structures that meet your specific needs. These designs are then brought to life in our Westbank manufacturing facility by our team of certified tradespeople, building to the required specifications of the project.

Quality. Flexibility. Speed.
These are the key reasons to choose modular construction for your next home or building.

In our factory-controlled environment, quality is never compromised. Building materials and structures are protected from rain, snow, cold and heat. A comfortable, clean and organized work environment makes it easy for our work crew to be highly efficient, and we can provide consistent project supervision. Each building is fully tested – including plumbing, electrical and heating systems – before it leaves our factory.

Modular construction is also more environmentally responsible, generating less building waste than traditional construction. It also minimizes on-site environmental impacts, including noise, dust and waste.

Perhaps most importantly, modular construction gives you flexibility. This includes the flexibility to customize our product to your exact specifications, as well as the flexibility to move the building to a new site if needed.

Off-site modular construction is both faster and more reliable. We have greater control over workflow processes and work crew scheduling. As well, site preparation can take place at the same time the structure is being built, reducing total project completion time and construction carrying costs.