Our Process

Whether you’d like us to build the home of your dreams or an administrative office for your remote worksite, we use a comprehensive and proven four-step process to get the job done:

Developing the concept

It all starts with your idea – whether that’s building a retirement home, setting up a remote operational worksite, adding new classrooms to your school or accommodating the expansion of your community.

We’ll work with you to understand your goals and budget, and together we will explore the building options that meet your precise requirements.

We’ll visit the site to identify its challenges and unique features. If needed, we will also investigate coding or zoning restrictions.

We will then develop a conceptual design for your project, and once we agree on the scope of the project, we’ll write up a clear and easy-to-understand contract outlining timelines and costs.

Modular construction provides the base for us to create one-of-a-kind customized solutions. With our roots in residential construction, we know first-hand that each customer has a unique set of requirements – whether that’s ensuring wheelchair accessibility or choosing high-end finishes.

For all our customers – residential, industrial and commercial – we provide the same commitment to customer service.

We take the time to design a building that will fully meet the needs of yourself or your employees or customers.

If required, we’ll also manage any permitting requirements on the building’s site.

At the end of this stage in the process, you will have a design that’s tailored to your specific needs.

modular home

Building the structure and preparing the site

Our team of certified tradespeople will build your project in the controlled environment of our factory in Westbank.

Throughout the build process, we carry out quality control checks on construction, materials and structural systems.

A significant advantage of modular construction over on-site construction is that we can prepare the site at the same time that we are constructing the building.

This minimizes overall project time, so that you can begin using your new home or building as soon as possible.

Shipping and installation

We will carefully prepare the modules and transport them directly to your site. Once on location, our professional assembly team will erect the building and complete a full quality based commission to ensure that all systems – architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical – are fully functional as per the specifications of the project.