Turnkey Solutions

Freeport offers complete turnkey solutions: we design, build, transport and install each building to your exact specifications, on time and on budget. With our expertise in modular construction, we bring practical, cost-effective and durable solutions to our industrial clients.

Modular construction offers significant operational advantages for companies that need to quickly add housing, office facilities or other structures to their operations. Project timelines are much shorter and it’s easier to control costs than with on-site construction. Modular construction also gives you the ability to cost-effectively relocate buildings to meet future requirements.
Talk to us about your requirements for:

  • Executive, Management and workforce lodging
  • Kitchen and dining facilities
  • Administrative and office buildings
  • Drill Camps
  • Kiosks and shelters
  • Recreation complexes

Need high-quality workforce housing?

Look no further. With a strong understanding of your needs, our team will design facilities with a floorplan and style that aligns with your specific requirements. Our energy-efficient buildings incorporate durable, high-quality finishes, providing a comfortable home away from home for your staff.  We can also design and build kitchen and dining facilities, site offices and other camp structures as required.

Challenging Environments

Our clients count on us to create the worksite structures they need, no matter where the worksite is located.

Whether temporary or permanent, our modular buildings are designed to be energy-efficient and durable in even the most remote and challenging environments.